The Yaama Region is an Australian based region named after an Aboriginal term for "Hello"

Clawfower Town Edit

Clawflower Town is named after the Clawflower, an Australian flowering plant. It is a very small town where you start your journey. There is no Pokemon Center, Pokemart, or Gym. The most notable buildings are your house, your rival's house, and the Professor (Eucalyptus)' lab. The town itself is based around Warburton, West Australia.

Route 1 Edit

Route 1 goes Southeast from Clawflower Town then East to Laurel Town. Weaker Pokemon are found here.

Laurel Town Edit

Laurel Town is named after another Australian plant. It is not based off of any town in Australia and is built at the foot of Boro Ndi's Rock (Based off of Ayer's Rock) which is protected by Boro Ndi, a Pokemon named after the Aboriginal word for create (Boro-Ndi) and based off the Australian god Altjira. It's more of an elder rest spot and there is a Pokemon Center.

Route 2 Edit

Route 2 goes Southwest from Clawflower Town to Oceanside City. It then continues Northeast to Hakea Town.

Oceanside City Edit

Oceanside a sprawling city is the largest city in the region, and home to the ground type gym of the region. It is based off of Perth, Western Australia. It has the Professor Oak Memorial worldwide culture and art gallery building for all of the Pokemon World regions in the northern part of the city. This building is based off of the Perth Cultural Centre. Notable buildings: Oceanside Gym, Pokemon Center, Pokemart, Oceanside Taxi service, and Oak Memorial Arts Center and Museum.

Route 3 Edit

Route 3 goes Northeast through Hakea Town to Laurel Town.

Route 5 Edit

Leads North to Dampiera Town, home of this region's Elite 4 and champion. Route 5 also acts as Victory Road and is locked until all 8 gym badges are obtained.

Route 4 Edit

Acts as a shortcut back up to Clawflower Town from Hakea Town.

Hakea Town Edit

Home to the second gym, the grass type gym. Town based on Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Notable buildings: Hakea Gym, Pokemon Center, and Pokemart.

Route 9 Edit

Goes Southwest from Laurel Town to Bloodwood City.

Bloodwood City: Edit

Based off of Adelaide, South Australia. 2nd largest city. Fire type gym. Notable Buildings: Pokemon Trainer University (Based off of the University of Adelaide) in Northeastern Bloodwood, Bloodwood Gym, Pokemon Center, Pokemart.

Route 10 Edit

Goes East from Bloodwood City to Bauera Town.

Bauera Town Edit

Based off of Sydney, Electric type gym. Notable Buildings: Yaama Contest Hall (Based off of Sydney Opera House), Bauera Gym, Pokemon Center, Pokemart.

Route 11 Edit

Goes Southwest from Bauera Town, goes to Coral Town

Coral Town Edit

Coral Town is home of the Water type gym and coral at low prices. Based off of Wollongong. Notable Buildings: Yaama Mall (Based off of Wollongong Central) in central Coral Town, Coral Gym, Pokemon Center, Pokemon Mart.

Route 7 Edit

Goes Northeast to Ironbark Town.

Ironbark Town Edit

Steel Type Gym. Based off of Cairns. Notable buildings: Ironbark Gym, Pokemon Center, Pokemart.

Route 8 Edit

Head Southeast through both Hyacinth Town and Peridot City

Hyacinth Town Edit

Features the Fairy Type Gym. Based off of Townsville. Notable Buildings: Hyacinth Gym, Pokemon Center, Pokemart.

Peridot City Edit

Features the Flying Type gym, based off of Brisbane. Notable Buildings: Peridot Gym, Pokemon Center, Pokemart. Underground is the Team Toxin Base.

Dampiera City Edit

Home of this region's Elite 4, based off of Darwin. Notable Buildings: Elite 4 building, Pokemon Center, Pokemart.