Reduvia (Japanese: 暗殺者青年 Asashin seinen) is a bug type Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Reduvi. It is based off of the Assassin Bug. Reduvia is the Young Bug Pokemon with a Pokedex number of 11. It is a bug/poison type and has a 40% of being male and a 60% chance of being female. It evolves into Reduvo at level 10. It is 1 foot 7 inches in height and weighs 16 pounds. Its abilities are Swarm and Compound Eyes. It has a 2x weakness to Flying, Rock, Fire, and Psychic. Its egg group is bug. Possible moves are Confusion, Tackle, Signal Beam, Toxic, Venoshock, Gust, and Bug Bite.

Pokedex entry Edit

Reduvia has developed poison glands. A single bite can knock out large Pokemon for a week.


Shiny Reduvia

Name Origin Edit

Reduviidae- The species name for Assassin Bug.

Asashin seinen- Japanese for Assassin Adolescent

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