Reduvi (Japanese: アサシンニンフ Asashin'ninfu) is a bug type Pokemon. It is based off of the Assassin Bug. Reduvi is the Larva Pokemon with a Pokedex number of 10. It is a pure bug type and has a 40% of being male and a 60% chance of being female. It evolves into Reduvia at level 7. It is 1 foot n height and weighs 8 pounds. Its abilities are Swarm and Compound Eyes. It has a 2x weakness to Flying, Rock, and Fire. Its egg group is bug. Possible moves are Confusion, Tackle, Gust, and Bug Bite.

Pokedex entry Edit

Reduvi are often on the prowl in search of unsuspecting Mutation Ledyba. They are born without toxin glands but gain them as they evolve.


Shiny Reduvi

Name origin Edit

Reduviidae- The species name for Assassin Bug.

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