Mutation Pidgey (Japanese :突然変異ラッタ Totsuzenhen'i Ratta) is a Mutated Raticate that occurs when a Rattata falls into a certain series of conditions in the Yaama Region or is born in The Yaama Region. It keeps it's normal typing but gains the Ground Type. Mutation Raticate is the Jewel Rat Pokemon with a MutationDex number of 005. It is a Normal/Ground type and has a 50% Chance of being either gender. It is 1 foot in height and weighs 7,7 pounds. Its abilities are Run Away and Guts. It has a 2x weakness to Fighting, Water, Grass, and Ice. Its egg group is Field. Possible moves are Tail Whip, Hammer Arm, Quick Attack, Bite, Pursuit, Hyper Fang, Crunch, Super Fang, Dig, Earthquake, Magnitude, Bulldoze, and Mud Bomb.

Pokedex entry Edit

The obsession for jewelry grew when Mutation Rattata evolved into Mutation Raticate. It goes around looking for jewels to steal from unsuspecting people.


Shiny Mutation Raticate

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