Mutation Pidgey (Japanese: 突然変異ポッポ Totsuzenhen'i Poppo) is a Mutated Pidgey that occurs when a Pidgey enters or is born in The Yaama Region. It loses its Normal typing and gains the Fire Type. It is based off of a cross between a Pigeon and a Phoenix. Mutation Pidgey is the Ash Pigeon Pokemon with a MutationDex number of 001. It is a Fire/Flying type and has a 50% Chance of being either gender.. It evolves into Mutation Pidgeotto at level 18. It is 1 foot 4 in height and weighs 4 pounds. Its abilities are Tangled Feet and Flame Body. It is unaffected by Ground and has a 2x weakness to Rock, and a 4x weakness to Water. Its egg groups are Flying. Possible moves are Fire Blast, Gust, Brave Bird, Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Wing Attack, and Fury Swipes.

Pokedex entry Edit

A short trail of superheated air follows Mutation Pidgey as it flies, causing the air to exhibit a ripple effect behind it. The cause of this is because once it evolves, it's wings will turn into fire.


Shiny Mutated Pidgey