Mutation Kangaskhan (Japanese: 突然変異ガルーラ Totsuzenhen'i Garura) is a Mutated Kangaskhan that occurs when a Kangaskhan is struck by Yaaman Lightning. It keeps its normal type and gains the electric type. It is based off of a Kangaroo. Mutation Kangaskhan is the Static Kangaroo Pokemon with a MutationDex number of 006. It is a Normal/Electric type and has a 100% chance of being female. It is 7 feet 3 inches in height and weighs 176.4 pounds. Its abilities are Galvanized and Static. It is unaffected by Ghost, has a 2x weakness Fighting and Ground. Its egg group is monster. Possible moves are Comet Punch, Outrage, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Tail Whip, Electric Terrain, Volt Tackle, Electro Ball, Tackle, and Fury Swipes.

Pokedex entry Edit

It is said that a Kangaskhan entered the Yaama Region and got struck with lightning. Instead of dying, the electricity caused a mutation that turned it and all that descend from it into Electric types.


Shiny Mutation Kangaskhan

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