Jaylion (Japanese: ジェイリオン Jeirion) is the evolved form of Jaylo, and the final evolved form of Jayla. It is based off of the American Stellar's Jay. Jaylion is the Stellar's Jay Pokemon with a Pokedex number of 003. It is a Grass/Flying type and has a 50% chance of being either gender. It reaches this stage at Level 40. It is 4 feet 5 inches in height and weighs 47 pounds. Its abilities are Early Bird and Levitate. It has a 2x weakness to Fire, Poison, Flying, and Rock and a 4x weakness to Ice. Its egg group is Flying. Possible moves are Gust, Peck, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Absorb, Air Slash, Solar Beam, Leaf Storm, Bullet Seed, Razor Wind, Leaf Blade, Synthesis, Brave Bird, and Gigadrain.

Pokedex Entry Edit

Jaylion has grown out of it's aggressive behavior and is purely devoted to its trainer. It will attack if it feels threatened.


Shiny Jaylion

Name Origin Edit

Jay- A type of bird

Lion- A fierce, noble, usually calm feline, used to show Jaylion's calm nature when unprovoked

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