Jayla (Japanese: ジェイラ Jeira) is the Grass starter for the region. It is based off of the American Blue Jay. Jayla is the Jay Pokemon with a Pokedex number of 001. It is a Grass/Flying type and has a 50% chance of being either gender. It evolves into Jaylo at level 16. It is 1 foot 6 inches in height and weighs 10 pounds. Its abilities are Early Bird and Keen Eye. It has a 2x weakness to Fire, Poison, Flying, and Rock and a 4x weakness to Ice. Its egg group is Flying. Possible moves are Gust, Peck, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Absorb, Air Slash, Solar Beam, Leaf Storm, and Bullet Seed.

Pokedex entry Edit

Jayla are highly territorial and will attack any trespassers, but won't be afraid to eat food from a human's hand


Shiny Jayla

Name Origin Edit

Jay- A type of bird

La- Suffix used to make a noun diminutive, showing that Jayla are very tame when not angered