Dingla (Japanese: ディングラ Dingura) is the Fire starter for the region. It is based off of the Australian Wild Dog, also called the Dingo. Dingla is the Dingo Pokemon with a Pokedex number of 004. It is a Fire/Ground type and has a 50% of being either gender. It evolves into Flarengo at level 18. It is 1 foot 4 inches in height and weighs 10 pounds. Its abilities are Blaze and Flame Body. It is unaffected by Electric, a 2x weakness to Ground, and a 4x weakness to Water. Its egg groups are Field and Human Like. Possible moves are Scratch, Howl, Bite, Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Tail Whip, and Charm.

Pokedex entry Edit

Dingla is usually a sweet Pokemon, but when it feels uncomfortable or threatened, it's fur will heat up to 350 degrees and become untouchable.


Shiny Dingla

Name Origin Edit

Dingo- A type of wild canine found in Australia

La- A Suffix used to dull down a word, used to show DIngla's calm behavior.

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