Cassoware (Japanese: 危険な羽ばたき Kiken'na habataki) is a normal type Pokemon. It evolves into Cassalert at level 16. It is based off of the Cassowary. Cassoware is the Cassowary Pokemon with a Pokedex number of 13. It is a normal type and has a 70% of being male and a 30% chance of being female. It is 2 feet 5 inches in height and weighs 60 pounds. Its abilities are Swarm and Compound Eyes. It has a 2x weakness to Fighting. Its egg groups are Field and Flying. Possible moves are Tackle, Air Cutter, Peck, Pin Missile, and Wing Attack.

Pokedex Entry Edit

Due to the diet of this Pokemon, there is no poison in it's saliva yet. However, their sharp claws can cut through steel.


Shiny Cassoware

Name Origin Edit

Cassowary- The bird this Pokemon is based off of.

Beware- Cassowaries are dangerous birds in real life.

Kiken'na habataki- Japanese for Dangerous Fledgling

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