Cassodanger (Japanese: 毒の鳥 Doku no tori) is a poison type Pokemon. It is the final evolution of Cassoware. It is based off of the Cassowary. Cassodanger is the Cassowary Pokemon with a Pokedex number of 15. It is a poison type and has a 70% of being male and a 30% chance of being female. It is 6 feet 2 inches in height and weighs 120 pounds. Its ability is poison point. It has a 2x weakness to Ground and Psychic. Its egg groups are Field and Flying. Possible moves are Tackle, Air Cutter, Peck, Pin Missile, Poison Sting, Acid, Toxin, and Wing Attack.

Pokedex Entry Edit

Cassodanger is a very dangerous Pokemon to be around. It's claws are extremely sharp and it's saliva full of deadly amounts of certain toxins


Shiny Cassodanger

Name Origin Edit

Cassowary- The bird this pokemon is based off of

Danger- This Pokemon is extremely dangerous unless trained correctly

Doku no Tori- Japanese for Poison Bird.

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