Boro Ndi

Boro Ndi (Japanese: 創造 Sōzō) is a Mythical Pokemon in Yaama, and is the guardian of the region. It is based off of Altjira, the Aboriginal god of creation and dreams. Boro Ndi resides around Boro Ndi's rock (Based off of Ayers Rock). Boro Ndi is the Creation Pokemon, with a Pokedex number of 098. It is genderless and is a Nebula/Flying type. It is 2 feet 3 inches tall and weights 40 lbs. It's ability is Tangled Feet. It has a 2x weakness to Rock, Electric, Ice, and Dark. Possible moves are Fury Swipes, Air Cutter, Nebula Blast, Fly, Moonblast, Acrobatics, Arm Thrust, Crush Claw, and Brave Bird.

Pokedex Entry Edit

Boro Ndi is said to be the creator of the Yaama Region. It will guard the region no matter the risk to it's life. It's rarely seen by humans.

Boro Ndi-0

Shiny Boro Ndi

Name Origin Edit

Boro-Ndi: Aboriginal word for creation

Sōzō: Japanese word for creation